Welcome to Flashpoint Swindon, your new favourite bouldering wall in Swindon! Not far from the centre of town, we’re easily accessible ensuring your adventure arrives as soon as you do.


Our Facilities: We’re a bouldering gym with auto-belays, top-out blocs, a MASSIVE 45° wall we call the Beast…and many boulders! Everything from VB intro climbs to first set out on, all the way up to techy slabs, dynamic World Cup comp blocs and crimpy V12s, we’ve got something for all styles and skill levels. There’s even a ‘Den’ area for little crushers looking to get their bouldering fix. On top of our “normal” boulders, we’ve got a range of training options and equipment, including a large circuit board, a campus board and an adjustable Kilter Board. We also have a gym where you’ll find free weights, fingerboards, rowing machines and pull-up bars – everything you need to train for that project!

Refresh Yourself: To keep you fuelled up and full of beans, we’ve got a wonderful café in the building, serving hot food, delicious pizzas, expertly brewed barista coffee plus cakes, beers and shakes!

Climbing For Everyone: We are designed with all climbers in mind – whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro climber looking for top-notch facilities and world-class boulders. We strive to provide challenges and an amazing time for all, regardless of skill level or experience.

Community and Support: For those new to bouldering in Swindon, our friendly staff and welcoming community offer a supportive environment to get you on your way and enjoying yourself at our walls.

Always Something New: Our routes are always changing to keep things fresh, with our setters in once or twice each week to strip and reset large areas. With around 200 boulders, we promise you won’t run out of blocs to challenge yourself on!


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Our first centre, Redpoint Bristol, opened its doors in 2012. Redpoint soon became a massive part of the Bristol climbing scene with a strong community of climbers of all levels. The centre expanded a couple of years later (into the adjacent building) and we added more ropes and bouldering walls. In 2018 we took over Freedog Bristol and Swindon. These were operating as kids’ activity centres and although we have maintained and improved that side of the business, we also stuck with what we knew best and added in dedicated bouldering walls in both sites, thus Flashpoint was born, with Flashpoint Bristol and Swindon.

A few years passed without any major global events worth remembering….  Then in the summer of 2022, we ventured across the border into Wales. Setting up the fantastic Flashpoint / Crazy Climb Swansea. Shortly after,  we brought Roc-Bloc Cardiff into the fold creating Flashpoint Cardiff. It has been such an honour and a pleasure to become a big part of the strong Welsh climbing scene. 

Vision & Mission Statement

“Growth through Community and Challenge” 


We aim to help the personal growth of our customers and the team. We do this by providing support and controlled challenges that help our community grow no matter what their circumstances or current experience. We believe in the value of developing a “growth mindset” and do what we can to foster this in our team and community as a whole. Creating resilience by valuing effort and learning over short-term outcomes.  


Climbing walls are natural community centres. The activity is mostly non-competitive and the experience is similar at all levels so a beginner can be struggling on a V1 next to a pro having the same struggle on a V10. Their shared experience makes talking and creating friendships easy. Activity centres are places where families often come together to share a day out with friends, or parents may come and relax while their children are participating in the activity. As spectators are watching in the same space this allows us to socialise and develop friendships with other local families. We promote community spirit in the events we run, the policies we implement and the welcoming environment we foster. 


Sports and activities that have an element of risk management (such as climbing, trampolining and soft play) help us to develop control of our minds, emotions and bodies.  These challenges can be done alone or with the support of friends, family or coaches further developing trust and confidence. Our coaches are trained to develop Growth Mindsets in those we teach, empowering them to see failures as stepping stones on a path of continuous improvement. We develop policies that empower our teams to grow personally and professionally regardless of their passions and direction.