Indoor Climbing Activities for 13 - 17 yr olds

Flashpoint Youth is an ideal opportunity for young climbers of all abilities to socialise and climb together with the support of one of our friendly and experienced coaches. These sessions are more relaxed and allow young climbers to take the lead in the structure and focus of their session. This is ideal for any of our unsupervised 13-17 year old members to meet others they can climb with!

Climbing is a fun and free sport, so we believe enjoyment should always be the focus! At Flashpoint Swindon, we focus on developing a ‘growth mindset’, using climbing as a tool to develop both physically and mentally whilst, most importantly, having lots of fun!

How long? 1.5 hours

Instructor ratio? 6:1

How much? £15 per session

When? Friday evening, 5:30 – 7:00pm

Check out Flashpoint Juniors for sessions for 7 – 15 yr olds.

CLICK HERE to check availability and book online or call reception on 01793 251555