Flashpoint Swindon offers term time sessions for young climbers looking to work through the NICAS scheme, or simply looking to climb a lot and progress in the sport! Sessions are separated by age and level, with Boulder Monkeys for ages 7-10 and Boulder Juniors for ages 11+. Our friendly instructors will guide kids through their journey – from brand-new climbers to technically proficient & independent boulderers!


Your monthly payment reserves your child’s space in their club. See the prices page for monthly rate. We offer intro sessions for a one-off price to try out the Club.

Included in your monthly payment you’ll get:


NICAS Climbing is a UK-wide scheme designed to promote climbing development and accredit individual achievement on artificial climbing structures. They’re a starting point for people wishing to take up climbing and mountaineering, from novice to experienced, starting from age 7.


You can book a one-off intro session for our clubs before deciding to sign up for the term. These sessions give kids a go at bouldering and give an idea of the structure and skills that kids will have from our Clubs.

Boulder Clubs: Intro





Boulder Monkeys

Ages 7-10 yrs

Boulder Monkeys Level 1-2 offers an exciting start to bouldering for kids aged 7-10. Our focus is on learning the basic safety skills and essential climbing techniques, combined with fun activities that keep the young ones engaged. All instruction is age appropriate, and sessions are filled with bouldering-specific games and challenges.

For our Boulder Monkeys who are ready for a new challenge after completing NICAS level 2, we have the Level 3 group. Here, we introduce more advanced bouldering techniques and skills, while reinforcing safety measures. The emphasis is still on having fun, but with a tad more focus on progression.


Boulder Juniors

Ages 11+ yrs

Boulder Juniors Level 1-2 is designed for older kids eager to start to learn bouldering in a fun and safe environment. The focus here is to build on the fundamental climbing skills, improving agility, balance, and coordination, while learning to navigate more complex routes.

Boulder Juniors Level 3 is the club for those aged 11+, ready to take their bouldering to the next level after completing NICAS level 2. This club introduces advanced techniques and encourages independent navigation of more challenging bouldering routes.


Join the waiting list!

Because we reserve our climbers’ spaces as standard, in order to sign up there has to be a space for you! If you are interested in joining the club, please join the waiting list and you’ll hear from us soon. When joining the wait list you will be able to select your preferred days.