How long have you been climbing? I’ve been climbing since Halloween 2014 during my gap year and became obsessed! I’ve done a bit of everything from Multi-pitching in Spain to Trad up North and Bouldering competitions all over the country.

How long have you been coaching? 6 years

Favourite climbing spots? Stanage Plantation or Portland!

Climbing style? Traditionally dynamic but learning to love the static life!

Other interests? Anything environmental (comes with the territory of an MSc in conservation ecology!)

Fun fact? I’ve represented GB in the sport of Dragonboating!


How long have you been climbing? I started climbing when I was a Scout at Dancing Ledge and have been regularly training since Flashpoint opened 2 years ago.

Favourite climbing spots? I’ve mostly explored Llanymynech quarry and Dancing ledge, but hoping to get outdoors a bit more this year!

Climbing style? Static and reachy!

Other interests? Football, running, golf and lots of other sports.

Fun fact? Andy Murray look-alike (seriously, it’s scary!)


How long have you been climbing? 20 Years. I got into it whilst travelling – it was fun!

How long have you been coaching for? Around 4 years.

Favourite place to climb? Limestone sport – anywhere in the whole wide world!

Climbing Style? Bolt Clipping on limestone

Other interests? Mountain biking and long walks with my doggo (Harvey – 11/10 good boy)



How long have you been climbing? 8 years! I started out in the Link Centre when that was a thing! I’m interested in pushing myself outdoors as it’ll be amazing for getaways with the family.

How long have you been coaching? Around a year. I’m really enjoying it and seeing how people develop into their niche is cool. Everyone has their place on the wall where they can excel!

Favourite climbing spots? Barrier at Tesco’s to cut the queue.

Climbing style? Explosive, shoulder press, reachy, endurance, overhangs!

Other interests? Visiting beautiful spots locally with the family. Good home cooking, always trying out new things to do in the kitchen. I also enjoy miniature painting alongside the gym when I can.

Fun fact? Here is a riddle instead… I spin round and round wreathed in flame.
I provide you with nutrients. What am I?

Doner Kebab.


How long have you been climbing? I’ve been climbing for 5 years now. I got into climbing as a way to deal with my seasonal depression when I moved to Minnesota from California for university.

Favourite climbing spots? Back in Minnesota, my favourite place to climb was Taylor falls. It’s this amazing bouldering spot made of glacial pot holes (some of which you could only climb in after they froze over in the winter!) Here in the UK I’d have to say my favourite spot is Wyndcliff quarry in the Wye Valley.

Climbing style? While I enjoy bouldering I’d have to say that I am a sport climber. I love getting to spend time on the wall and getting to see the view from the top of the cliff.

Other interests? Other hobbies include cooking, coffee, camping, backpacking, hiking, reading, and video games.

Fun fact? I love tacos! I could eat them every day and never get sick of them!


How long have you been climbing? When I was 7, I would climb up onto my porch roof and watch the world go by. Bouldering? Around 3 years

Favourite climbing Spots? Flashpoint Swindon obviously. Outside – Peak District

Climbing Style? I have been told I climb like an angry sloth

Other Interests? Football, houseplants, DIY and tech

Fun fact? I have trained karate with the white power ranger

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